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If you’ve never used a Turkish towel before, you’re in for a real treat! Forget everything you know about ordinary towels (ie. they’re bulky, heavy, and take a long time to dry) and let us introduce you to the incredibly versatile Petrified Forest Turkish Towel instead. Imagine wrapping yourself in the lightest, most luxurious towel imaginable every day. Run your fingers along hundreds of ultra soft yet durable organic cotton threads, meticulously woven by the skilled hands of Turkish artisans who have passed down this craft for generations. You'll never be able to go back to ordinary! 


Although Turkish towels are highly absorbent and remarkably fast drying, no one will suspect it’s a towel so you can also wear it as a scarf or use it as a cosy throw to suit any decor. The Petrified Forest Turkish towel is an elegant cream with black herringbone on one side and black with cream herringbone on the other side. Whether you're relaxing on the boat or curling up on the couch, hitting the sauna or going on a roadie, our Turkish towels are your everyday essential that promise unparalleled comfort and versatility.


USES: Bath Towel, Beach Towel, Throw, Yoga Towel, Sarong, Scarf, Wrap, Shawl, Travel Towel, Sauna towel, and more.


  • Made in Turkey / 100% Organic Cotton.

    Cold wash only with similar colours away from Velcro and open zippers. Pro tip: Use a lingerie bag to avoid snags. This is a hand woven material - treat it like a fine sweater and be careful of jewelry catching on it. 

    Your Turkish towel naturally becomes even softer with every wash. Fabric softener is not necessary and makes your towel less absorbent. 

    Hang to dry or tumble dry low. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach.

  • 101 x 180 cm / 40" x 70" / 170 GSM (grams per square meter)

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