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Versatile, stylish, and sustainable? Finally.

We scoured the Internet for the best surf poncho around and couldn't find anything that got the heart racing. So we started fresh and reimagined the surf poncho as a fun, practical tool to reconnect with nature and live overflowing with excitement, adventure, and endless possibilities while treading as lightly as possible. 

Line drawing of SUP or stand up paddleboard.

Designed to easily change into and out of swimsuits and wetsuits discreetly, wherever your adventures may take you. Turkish towels are super absorbent but also dry quickly. 

Surf Poncho for Water Sports
Male surfer wearing Starfish & Moss black towel poncho with smiling girlfriend
Woman wearing Starfish & Moss towel poncho while stand up paddleboarding.
Woman wearing Starfish & Moss Haast Gold yellow towel poncho in front of campfire with sauna in background
Two people practicing cold water immersion in lake with snowy peaks behind. Hopefully they have a poncho towel close by!
Line drawing of wooden sauna bucket and ladle.
Contrast Hydrotherapy

The soft Turkish cotton feels like a warm embrace as you dry off and stay snug between the sauna and cold plunge.
You can also think of it as your superhero cape to conquer ice baths.

Line drawing of an RV or campervan.

Ideally, there's a poncho or two that live in the rig. With a versatile extra layer that doubles as a changing robe, it's hassle-free to stop along the way for a refreshing dip. Walking to and from the showers at the campground also just got better.

Happy grey hair couple wearing Starfish & Moss towel ponchos hugging in doorway of RV campervan.
Close up of smiling woman in yellow poncho towel holding mug while sitting in camping chair.
Two couples wearing Starfish & Moss towel ponchos around a beach bonfire while camping
Friends at sunset wearing poncho towels while camping at the beach.
Line drawing of camping or glamping tent because towel ponchos are a useful addition to your outdoor gear.
Glamping and

Practical and light, your versatile poncho towel will soon become part of your essential outdoor gear. In fact, you may not want to wear anything else

while you're camping or fireside.

Line drawing of poncho with fringe.

With a Turkish towel poncho as stylish as this, you don't even need to get dressed properly after wild swimming. Just take off any wet or muddy layers and you're ready to stop for coffee, run errands, and get on with your day - we won't tell anyone you're not wearing anything underneath! 

Between Adventures
Happy couple wearing ethically made towel ponchos walking to a cafe holding mugs.
Stylish woman seated in black poncho towel and forest green leggings.
Line drawing of seated yoga pose because towel ponchos are very useful for a hot yoga practice.

We're all about graceful transitions. Cover up on your way to the studio. Then after a sweaty session, just throw your poncho back on to peel off your drenched yoga gear.     

Hot Yoga
Drawing of pair of tickets because towel ponchos are really useful at festivals.
Festival Life

Have more fun with clothes that stand out yet let you move. With a hidden zipper pocket in the cowl neck, dance the night away knowing your essentials won't fall out of your pocket.


We love seeing our babies in the wild around the world. When you post a pic of your towel poncho adventures on social media, don't forget to tag us!

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