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This is a treasure trove of genuine experiences and heartfelt recommendations. We hope it inspires you to take time out to get cosy as much as it spurs you on to create unforgettable adventures and memories.



Samantha D.| NZ

Starfish and Moss Towel Ponchos

"Loving my poncho, made with so much love and care! Comfortable and snug, perfect for a home body like myself and so many more places to explore in this beautiful towels. Every now and again a splash is worth every penny! A real worth investment supporting a women owned small business"


Denisa W.| NZ

Starfish and Moss Towel Ponchos

"Fantastic! I love my towel poncho and I haven’t used it as a towel, yet, once. I wear it as a layer, even now in the winter of the South Island, and I was surprised that it’s warmer than I thought. Super cosy and perfect for pregnancy, too."


Pedro P. | NZ

Starfish and Moss Towel Ponchos

"Loving my towel poncho! But to call that it is really an understantement! These things are crafted with so much love and detail that they are like an extra layer, a second skin, a changin towel for the wet adventures and so much more. Thanks."

Heather, USA

"I LOVE my poncho!! It’s warm, comfy, goes with anything.
Great communication and super fast delivery considering it was coming from halfway across
the world."
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 3.53.38 PM.png

Nicole R.| USA

Starfish and Moss Towel Ponchos

"Love my towel poncho! The secret stash spot in the cowl neck is superrr practical for carrying things (phone & cards) when you don’t want anything impeding your movement or tying up your hands! It’s my go-to for pre & post lobster diving in the ocean… and sauna after skiing! My pup loves it too"

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